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Access game-changing functionality through Armaxon’s platform. Create a bespoke data solution with us.


Define your goals, audit your data and build a plan to achieve them.


Improvement never stops. Analyse your success and aim even higher.

Armaxon offers bespoke, data-driven solutions and consultancy for organisations looking to push their tech and business capabilities to a whole new level. By unlocking the predictive power of data, the Internet of Things is redefining the rules of engagement for businesses worldwide. Predictive Analytics is no longer a pipe dream – and companies that invest in big data solutions can enjoy big rewards.

In partnership with Microshare, our innovative, functional platform gives a complete assessment of data efficiency and opportunities. Working closely with you as a client, we capture fresh knowledge and boost transparency to make your operations smarter, smoother and future-ready.

Can you seethe future?

Balanced, creative collaborations can open the path to even greater possibilities. If your organisation believes in the power of the predictive and works with data and digital technologies to push boundaries, we’d like to talk to you.